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As traditional enterprise with a high claim at quality, performances and topicality of their products UELZENER peruse the principle of optimal customer services.

UELZENER want to be reliable partners for ambitions customers all over the world. To adapt oneself to customer desires and to fulfil these requests requires full engagement and a high degree of flexibility. The intention of UELZENER is to belong to the top of their field through innovation and approved technology; to be available for their customers and able to deliver in time with the best cost effectiveness. A well trained and motivated staff play a decisive part in the companies success through enthusiasms and efficiency. UELZENER views their future in innovative machine technology while using all possibilities to acquire new markets and applications.



Engineering, development and practice-near attempts are the guarantors of the UELZENER-technology. The performance of UELZENER comprises the development of their products up to the sale and service with the customers. Beside their own production UELZENER are also using the most modern production – technology of qualified suppliers.

The world – wide distribution is facilitated by long – term friendly cooperating with competent partners, subsidiaries and branches with the aim of granting competent advise and reliable services. 

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