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Fully Pneumatic Pressure Chamber Blower System for the Handling of dense Low Cement Dry Spray Materials,

with SiC- and C- Additives as well

electric-pneum. control box
material outlet
Spraying of refractoriy materials for hot repair at EAF

The UELZENER T115 fully pneumatic pressure chamber conveying system for the handling of dry fine grained refractory materials for rapid hot repairs on electric ovens, converters and other localised repairs.

The wear of the UELZENER T115 is extremely low as the working principle does not require rotating parts in the bulk goods. The uniform transport of the dry material into the conveying line results from the ratio chamber pressure /conveying pressure, which is adjusted specifically to the material.

The working sequence is extensively automated, therefore operating errors are practically excluded. The integrated electric-pneumatic control regulates preblowing time, opening and closing of material outlet flap, application of air pressure, empty blowing time on conveying line and pressure relief of chamber.

Technical Data for the Standard Machine

  • Volume of the pressure vessel 1,1 m³
  • Useful volume 1,0 m³
  • Operating pressure up to 6 bar
  • Air connection R2‘
  • Operation voltage 230V / 50Hz single phase AC
  • Required conveying air quantity 4 - 8 m³/min
  • Working pressure 3 - 6 bar
  • Conveying capacity 0.5 – 3 m³/h
  • Conveying range, horizontal up to 100 m
  • Conveying height up to 40 m
  • Max. grain size 12mm
  • Length/width/height 1400/1400/2820 mm
  • Weight, empty ca. 860 kg

Technical Data

  • Type: UELZENER T115
  • Type of machine: Pressure vessel conveyor (Batch Gun)
  • Charge: Refractory spraymasses from big bags
  • Drive / Type of drive: pressed air 6 bar, mind. 6m³/min / fly conveying by pressed air
  • Conveying output: up to 2m³/h

Standard delivery :

  • Machine frame with pressure vessel 1,1m³
  • autom. valves
  • conveying nozzle

Option. equipment:

  • Suspension frame for big bags
  • high pressure waterpump
  • spraylances with water mix nozzle
  • conveying hoses
  • spray lance car

Order no.: 115.00.001

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