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Pneumatic pressure vessel gunite machine with  rotor outlet for hot repair with fine grained dry refractory

masses e.g. at EAF and  onverters

The pressure vessel gunite machine UELZENER T115-R is working automatically and is designed for the continuous conveying of dry, fine grained materials.

Built-in in a rigid frame, reliable operation, simple handling and easy transport by crane or forklift to the place of operation make the UELZENER T115-R most suitable for the fast repair in the refractory section (hot-repair) of EAF, converters as well as at runners.

The wear of the rotor outlet system is low because of its thoroughly selected material. The steady feeding of the dry material into the hose line is effected by the air input above the rotor and is influenced by the rotor speed and a defined relation between the chamber pressure and conveying pressure. Because of the steady feeding with material and optimal air supply the fly conveyance of the material is achieved and a swelling conveyance of material is avoided.

The operation of the UELZENER T115-R works fully automatically. All important functions - like adjustable pre-blowing time, opening and closing of the material discharge flap, pressurising and de-aeration of the chamber and adjustable time for emptying the conve ing line – are automatically controlled by the free programmable SPS-control. Any wrong operation is hereby avoided. Any further charging of the pressure chamber is only possible, when chamber is fully relieved from pressure.
A level probe in the chamber is preventing overcharge. On request an electric remote control can be installed.

Technical Data

  • Theor. volume of pressure chamber: 1m³

  • Air connection / Max. working pressure: R 2“/ 3 - 8 m³/min / 6 bar

  • Power supply: 400V/50Hz
  • Rotor motor with frequency converter: 4 kW
  • Conveying output: 0,5 - 5 m³/h *)
  • Conveying distance, horizontally: 100 –150 m *)
  • max. aggregate size: 6 mm

*) depending on material

Optional equipment

  • Container 1m³
  • Weighing device for level monitoring in pressure chamber
  • Dust extraction system
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